Stavanger IF Fotball

Stavanger IF Fotball was one of 21 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Hinna Park Cup 2021. Two teams played until Semi final in Slutspill B; Gutter 13 nivå 1 lost against Fotballklubben Vidar by 2-3 and Gutter 13 nivå 2 lost against Fotballklubben Vidar by 0-2.

In addition to this, Stavanger IF Fotball have participated in Hinna Park Cup before. During Hinna Park Cup 2020, Stavanger Fotball had three teams playing in Gutter 12 nivå 2 and Gutter 13 nivå 2 respectively.

Stavanger Fotball originates from Stavanger, which is the same city as where Hinna Park Cup takes place. The area around STAVANGER does also provide 13 additional clubs participating during Hinna Park Cup 2021 (Among others: Viking FK, Vaulen IL- fotball, Forus og Gausel Idrettslag, Fotballklubben Vidar, Vardeneset BK, Rennesøy Fotballklubb, Hundvåg IL, Madla IL, Brodd Fotballklubb Stavanger and Hinna IL- Fotball).

8 games played


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